Review my new build

Hello all :hello: :hello:

- AMD Phenom II x4 965

- AM3 Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3

- 3.5" HDD SATA-300 1TB (1000GB) 32MB/7200rpm Seagate

- DDR3 Ram 4GB Kit (2x2048MB) PC10666 1333MHz Mushkin

- 5.25" DVD Burner/Rw SATA LG GH22-NS50 LGE 22x

- Radeon HD 6850

- Coolermaster CM SCOUT

- 700W CoolerMaster eXtreme or 500w

1440x900 and getting 1980x1080 later in the year

Ty all :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. ^ From where will you be buying and probable purchase date?
  2. It estate, Australian shop
  3. ^ Hmm...
    Some suggestions -
    1. CASE - Why not go little cheap on the case and invest in a more powerful graphic card ? Not that 6850 is slow, but for 1080p, the 6870 would be better...
    So check out cases like NZXT Gamma/ Antec 200/ CM Elite 430, these are cheaper but still offer good airflow and features...

    2. PSU - Dont skimp on the PSU's quality...
    Get a PSU from Seasonic/ Silverstone/ Corsair/ Antec EA or TP series/ Real Power or Silent PRO series only from Cooler Master/ PCP&S/ OCZ Fatality or Modextreme or StealthExtreme II series...

    Rest looks good...
  4. How about a seasonic S12D 750w, also how many watts will I need to run my pc setup with the 6870 or 6850? Thank you!
  5. I would also suggest hitting a CFable a 790X/790GX or Asrock 870/880G


    HD6K: single/CF review
  6. EDIT: Dint refresh...If you have room for those boards in your budget, then you can go for those...

    ^ You cant go Crossfire on that 870A board as the 2nd PCIe slot runs crippled @ x4, so you can use 1 graphic card at the max...
    So for a single card, you wont need a 750W PSU, get 500-550W from Seasonic, it would suffice...
  7. great economical system you got there

    but with all other components the CM extreme is a really bad choice
    why dont you go with corsair (have been using the vx550 and its great)or CM real power/silent (if you have to go with CM)
  8. Seasonic 520W S12II 80+ Bronze Power Supply any good for single 6850
  9. It can easily power HD6850 no issues, actually it is good enough for even 6870/ 5870...
  10. ok cool
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