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Monitor resolution & game resolution

Hi guys..

My question is if my monitor's native resolution is 1600 x 900, should I play games at that resolution or can I go higher? If I have to use the monitor's native resolution which graphics card is the minimum I should get if I want to play Starcraft 2 with the details set to highest?
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  1. You can't play it at a higher resolution; it's not possible.
    SC2, as with most RTS games, it cpu-limited, meaning that if you don't already have a fairly decent CPU already, it will hold your framerate down. I would think that a GTS 450 should be sufficient for that resolution.
  2. How about HD 5670 with 512MB DDR5?
  3. Its quite a bit slower, around 9800GT performances.

    If this is mainly for SC2, the GTS450 is the card to get as it prefers Nvidias slightly more than ATIs.

    But once again, what is your CPU?
  4. Athlon II X3 440 3.0Ghz.
    Its not just SC2...FIFA 11...some RTS & RPGs...won't be playing any FPS though...
  5. Decent/Good CPU.

    I'd BARELY recommend a 450, I would recommend a 5770 for cheaper and more performance.

    May need a new psu, can you supply your current ones details?
  6. Silverstone ST40F-ES 400W
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  8. Can my PSU run these cards without any problems...or should I upgrade my PSU as well?
  9. Your PSU will be fine for either card, you can even slap a 5850 in there if it fits.
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