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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this monitor to fit the image to the size of the screen. I have about 2 inches of black space around the outer rim. I have it set at the 1900 resolution, everythings clear but it is just not fit to the outside wall. Any suggestions? I cannot auto adjust while in HDMI, I have gone through every setting I could find in the menu on the monitor and still nothing work.s.
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  1. The problem is likely not with the monitor, but with your graphics card/driver/software.

    Please describe your PC, make/model of graphics card, how it is connected to the monitor (HDMI I presume), and can you connect them via a dvi or vga cable if necessary to test?
  2. I can connect it to a dvi. Xfx radeon hd 5970. it is hdmi. I have amd phenom II black. 4 gb ram. I also have been having a problem while gaming. For a game like Wow I am getting less than 60 fps and it is pissing me off, it is getting down to 18 fps at times. I don't know why it is doing it you wouldn't think a 600$ card wouldn't be able to run wow.
  3. I've gone through everything I can find to try and make sure everything is 1920-1080. I went into the scaling options for the Catalyst control center and I put the scaling to 0% and it makes the image fit the screen, but when I try to open wow it goes back to having about 2 inches of black around the outer edge. This wasn't a problem I had for the longest time, but I recently updated my driver for the card and now this started happening.
  4. If I recall correctly, there's a driver bug and a hotfix for it . . . let me google for you.

    Try that.

    As for frame rate in WoW, its not always about the graphics card. First, if your vertical synch is checked, you won't ever get more than 60 FPS.
  5. Would i check that vertical synch in game or on the catalyst control?
  6. In WoW . . . under Video options. And I don't have a CCC here atm, so check there as well.
  7. Ok well I got rid of the vert synch. I downloaded that bug patch and the desktop and everything else fits to the entire size of the monitor, but when I open Wow, you can see the computer like detect the monitor again or at least detect what setting it is using, like hdmi or analog or whatever, and it goes into hdmi and when the screen comes back up again and wow is loaded, the 2 inches of black is still there.
  8. Well, we made some progress. And I'll be honest I'm sort of guessing now - what resolution are you using in WoW?
  9. 1920-1080. I'm still having issues with the FPS that I'm getting. It will drop to under 20 for no apparent reason, whether or not there are things happening on screen. If I relog the game the issue is fixxed. But I asked some other people with older gpus and they pull more fps than I do. Something is wrong and i'm not sure what.
  10. Before going further, I guess I'd try connecting to the monitor via a dvi cable. That may help us figure out where the WoW/black border issue comes from. (I assume you have set WoW to run at 1920x1080wide, and are playing in full screen mode.)

    FPS dropping to 18 may not be a graphics card issue. If your distance setting is max, you may not see what is causing the FPS drop inside a building, or behind it. Your cpu may be overloaded at that time and not able to drive the vid card. Or it may be disk accesses. You can watch for the first two things - the third is a bit more difficult.

    Which AMD Phenom II Black do you have?
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