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Hey Guys,

I have recently got hold of a 5870 and overall I am VERY happy with it! However, try as I might, I cannot change the resolution to my monitors native 1680 x 1650 display setting?!

I used to use a 9800GX2 and the Nvidia Drivers used to let me bypass the settings recognised, and manually change to 1680 x 1050, is there a way to do this, as none of the resolutions available to me are making text online etc look as sharp as they once did?

Thanks in advane for any help!!!!
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  1. Did you install the newest drivers?
  2. I went to the ATI driver page and followed the 3 steps, OS Card range etc, and I chose the recommended package which was released on 15th September, so I assume I did?!
  3. What resolution is it currently at?
  4. It's currently at 1280 x 1024, but I have just read that unless your using a true digital connection, which I am not, I am using a minidisplayport adapter to VGA, enabling GPU scaling does not work?! WTF!?

    I wanted to upgrade my system when I bought this card, not go backwards?!
  5. Why? cant you use a DVI-VGA adapter? Or simply DVI?

    If you have a passive adapter things could get weird as DP->VGA isnt the simplest conversion.
  6. No, my monitor only supports VGA and I think my adapter is a passive one, so do I need a non passive adapter in that case?! And if so, where from? I am in the UK, so any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated!!!

    And when you say weird, how exactly do you mean?
  7. Just get a DVI-VGA adapter. I'm surprised it didn't come with one. Heres a cable for 3pounds shipped.

    The thing with displayport is it is not 100% identical with VGA/DVI, and some conversions are required and sometimes information gets lost through the process. Also, simple passive adapters are only certified for single link DVIs, for VGA it is recommeded to use an active one.
  8. I have already bought a DVI cable and an adapter, and after getting no picture at all, I was ponted in the direction of a minidisplay port adapter so I bought one and it now works, the picture flickers, and I can't set my native res!?

    I will have to wait, and buy a newer monitor?! LOL!!!
  9. Tell me about what you did, because the fact of a DVI-VGA adapter not working could mean the card is faulty.

    But how did you do it? You're suppose to make the DVI port into a VGA using an adapter, then use a VGA cord to connect to the monitor. It is not going to work if the converter is on the monitor itself.
  10. I connected the DVI cable to the DVI port adapter that came with the card and then I connected a female DVI to VGA adapter on the monitor and got no picture, but I was told the reason for that was because there were too many connections between the monitor and the card, and in my own humble opinion, I don't think I have a faulty card?!

    And the other thing is, I need a DVI D connection as the adapters that came with the card do not have holes for pins above and below the flat bladed pin at the end?!

    I really appreciate your time on this!!!!
  11. You need to connect the DVI to VGA adapter included to The card itself then use a VGA cable to the monitor.
  12. The card I have is the eyefinity 6 and as I am sure you know, only has minidisplayports on the rear, I got a very good deal and thats why I chose it!!! So there was no adapter of that sort included, just 2 x minidisplay port to DVI D adapters, and I have a small EIZO monitor 17" with a dvi connector, and it works fine, just the max resolution is only 1024 x 768!!!

    I bought the minidisplayport to VGA from Apple of all places, and thought after taking advice off other people, when this monitor came to life, I thought it was all fixed LOL!!! My wife will kill me if I now tell her it's not LOL!!!!
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