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Hi guys, I have 2 stations. a PD and a Core2. The Core2 suppose to be faster than the PD but how come the core speed seems to be smaller than the PD? Please let me know, thanks in advance!

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    Core speed is not everything when it comes to speed of a CPU. The architecture that is used is what makes or breaks a CPU.

    Now the MHz differences on the Core 2 system is due to the fact that Intel speedstep is enabled and when the full power of the chip is not needed it will reduce its speed, but when you put a load on it the speed will jump back to normal speeds.
  2. ah I see. is there any apps that will test both cpu speed and do a comparison? just curious to know. thanks.
  3. Cinebench is a great program to test your CPU.

    I also use Passmark performance test, but it will only give you a general test so its not as widely used.
  4. nice, thank you! very helpful here!
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  6. A quick and dirty speed test is superpi. You can download it for free and it doesn't even have to be installed, just copy its files into a folder somewhere and run it from there.

    Also, have cpu-z up and running while you run superpi and you can see how the cpu speed varies as you put a load on it.
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