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Gtx 470 SC vs regular

So the cards are the same prices...

gtx 470 regular$300
gtx 470 superclocked$300

If I plan to overclock the card anyway, which card would be better?
If I overclock the already superclocked card, is it still covered under warranty?
Anything else I should know about the differences between these two cards?
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  1. factory OC cards can usually be OCed farther than non-factory OC cards, so if they're close in price, might as well get the pre-OC card.
  2. Same price! Get the SC. Often the cooler on the factory overclocked cards is better.
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    I'm going to say the Superclocked cards have components that passed a higher level of quality control. They want to guarantee that they can handle the more demanding conditions. In fact, I bet the chips that don't pass the stress test go into the non-SC versions.
  4. why not get 2 gtx460 instead?
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