New Build for WoW and Home Office??

Here Goes, I'm looking for a new build for WoW/Cata and also one for a Home Office (Commercial Real Estate Appraisal, lots of MS Word/Excel) I also multi-task via watching movies, playing poker and surfing. At night I turn into a raiding WOW geek and wanna play everything on high settings....

Approximate Purchase Date: 1-2 Weeks

Budget Range: $1,400 or Less Before / After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming and working at home, I'm in real estate, so I mostly utilize MS Office, Adobe Reader, various Web programs... I also multi-task by watching movies and playing online poker and surfing. However at night I'm a BIG wow geek, so I need something that can handle that game in raid settings on MAX.

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, I have 2 Wide-screen Monitors and Speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: but doesn't matter to me, I'm looking for reliable parts as I game and also use the same computer for work!

Country of Origin: USA, AZ

Parts Preferences: I would like to stick to Intel and a Nvidia GPU system as I heard they are better then ATI for WoW, but I'm open to suggestions if otherwise??

Overclocking: Yes/Maybe (I don't know how to OC but if you do, I would be glad to try it as I like max performance)!

SLI or Crossfire: No, I've heard WoW works best with 1 better vid. card then a pair of SLI or x-fire (as it doesn't take advantage of a second card?).

Monitor Resolution: My main monitor is 1900x1200 (26" HD Rose Samsung 5ms), not sure on my 24" Acer widescreen though, I expect its smaller.

Additional Comments: Would like to have good airflow without TOO much dust, I know that's hard, but my tower sits on a hardwood floor and I need the cooling as I tend to leave my computer on 24/7. I've heard a i5-760 is as good/better then an i7-950, because of overclocking?? I need guidance. I could also pay you for your time, not raking in a TON of $$$ now, but we could work something out for your time if needed!!

P.S. - I also have been looking at CyberpowerPC, seems they get in parts cheap, but I heard I can save money and actually have a better computer building my own. Just haven' t touched computer hardware in 5+ years!

Thanks Again,

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  1. I found this guy:

    Though out of my price range a bit with that 128GB SSD drive, was just thinking it would speed up my Work and WoW with the OS + WoW + Office on that drive and using the SATA III 1Tb for all of my data... Any thoughts on this or should I just use the SATA III drive and save the $$??

    Thanks All,

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