Effective Phenom X6 low profile CPU cooler?

Hello all,

In your opinion, what would be a good low profile cooler for a Phenom X6? I have been toying with the idea of building a small, M-ATX general purpose machine, but have come to a halt in finding a suitable CPU cooler. Any suggestions?
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  1. I use the Sythe Katana III with my overclocked 1055t. Keeps the temperatures well below the maximum (and yes, that is after adding 10*C to the read temps to make up for the glitch in the phenom IIx6 temperature sensors)

    I don't know if it will be "low profile" enough for you as it technically isn't. What it is though is a lot shorter than other high performance coolers and therefore fits in my smaller case.
  2. Ideally, the cooler should be 90mm tall or less, as I am considering a Thermaltake Armor A30, in which (correct me if i'm wrong) requires a 90mm (or less) tall CPU cooler. Almost all of the coolers I have seen are either too tall, or are not rated for a 125 watt processor.
    Some possibilities I have found are something like the Zalman CNPS8000A and the Thermaltake MaxOrb. Are they any good?

    Am I heading for a dead end; is it likely that I will find a cooler that meets my specifications?

    Thank you in advance
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  4. Perfect! I think it will fit the bill nicely.
    Thanks to both of you.
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