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I have a extreme3 gen3 mobo. I set a password on it and i remember the pass, but when i reboot and hold del or f2 it goes to the password screen and just has
like there's one character already entered. I can't use my mouse and i can't type in the password box :X

Additionally, should it ask me how i want to boot every time? My options are usb, disk drive, boot manager. I click boot manager every time and it works just seems like i shouldn't have to.
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  1. u have to reset ur bios password from ur motherboard... all u have to do is change ur jumper. There's a jumper on your motherboard that you'll need to identify and remove. Most motherboards make your job easier by actually labeling the correct jumper as "BIOS config" or something similar. (it looks like a small plastic thingy on 2 pins with 1 pin beside it, within a 1" of the battery). If you're having trouble looking for it, look in the motherboard manual.After you have found it, carefuly pull straight up on it, and place it on the 2-3 pins(it was on the 1-2 pins). With the battery removed and the jumper moved, turn the computer on, and check to see if you can get into the bios. If you are able to, turn the computer off, put the jumper back on pins 1-2, and put the battery back in. Lastly put the case together and you are done.
  2. What else will removing the jumper do? Also any idea why this happens?
  3. Ok well my mobo has a clr cmos button, i pressed it. Held it down for a few seconds. Computer rebooted. The ram went back down to 1333mhz but my password is still there and i can't get into it. I know my pass it just seems like it wont recognize the keyboard or something :X and idk why it has "x" in the password space like there's already a character there.
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