GTX 470 Freezing

I just got a new GTX 470, the MSI Twin FrozrII. It went in to replace a ATI 5870, had to replace it due to bad ATI drivers with open GL and some CGI apps. After getting the GTX 470 I will get freezes with white perfect squares and then they change to multicolored lines (mostly white with red). I have to reboot and then it runs for awhile until it happens again. I am thinking it is a heating issue with the card, most likely a defect with the one I got. I am just trying to see if anyone would agree or know a different cause? I also have tried different drivers (beta included).

Phenom X6 1090T (H50 cooler running push pull w/ 2 gentle typhoons)
6 Gb RAM
Mobo = GA-890FXa-UD5
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  1. Try using driver sweeper:
    Install driver sweeper from Guru3d
    boot into safe mode
    remove all graphics drivers
    boot normally
    install latest nvidia drivers
  2. +1 , seems a driver issue.
    +1 for the instructions :D
  3. Well no go, removed drivers, installed sweeper, booted into safe mode, etc...followed the instructions and within 15 min it crashed. Also I ran furmark and when it got to around 88c it crashed the system and at idle the card was at 66c (I do not believe that is normal even for a 470). I am going to send back for a refund (Newegg) and pick one up here locally tomorrow. With school etc I cant be down waiting on RMA's.
    Is there a card or maker of the 470's who is having better reports of stability. I am returning the MSI GTX 470 Twin FrozrII which I had read was great. Should I stick with that one again? Is there a high possibility that the next 470 will be the same headache?
    Please, any help and info would be great in picking up a card tomorrow

    Here is a pic I was able to capture right before it froze up again:
  4. Yeah , you need to return this.
    Get either an EVGA or ASus, any that you prefer-
    Most of the brands are good though -
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