Powercolor x1950 256 AGP Problem

Hi,this is my first post..i finally gave up n decided to do it,like i mentioned there my gpu doesnt let my pc boot i get no bios beep no screen.i tried several methods but i didnt succeed.i dont know what is the problem i changed the psu either but same point resists.
this forum helped me alot on Pc bad times, now i hope it still, can anyone please give me a hand at this or how to solve it?

system specs are:

motherboard : Asrock 775vm800
Ram : ddr1/768MB
CPU : Intel Pentium 4 R 3.00ghz
GPU : Nvidia fx5500 AGP

Please i really need help im so confused.
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  1. So, what is your card? FX5500 or X1950??
  2. the old fx5500 works fine after i change it with x1950 the machine doesnt boot.btw my PSU is an ATX-300w and i tried with an lpk-30 420W.
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