Which one is better?

im planning to get a new pc for sc2 this coming black friday but i came up with lots of builds. (Courtesy of Batuchka and Karma, Thanks for helping, you guys helped me a lot.) But i found a great deal from newegg this morning, so this is my question,

Among 3 which is the best for playing sc2.

Build 1.

Build 2.

Build 3.

i need opinions, i hope you guys will help me out. thanks in advance :)
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  1. shoulda made this a poll.

  2. oh i have no time and i dont know how to do that. haha. im planning to buy it tonight.
  3. If thats the highest you can go with your money then get the 3rd built.

    Build 1 is not good at all.

    Build 2 has a good CPU but only microATX wich is not too good for gaming builds.

    Build 3 has a good CASE, MOBO and a decent CPU.

    But thats just my opinion, would help if you would tell me your budget.

    If you can go up to $832.86 , then get this built:
    It's the basic i put together for anyone with budget round $800
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