Under-performing HD 5670

Ok....so i got a new HD 5670 to replace my 8600gt.However i notice that it is performing worse than my earlier card.
Iam surprised.I had expected a great boost in performance.Because logically HD5670 >> 8600gt

CPU : E7400 @ 2.8Ghz
PSu : 350W
Vga cable(DVI cable is currently not available)

I used to play BFBC2 @ 1600x900 on my 8600gt with a very very satisfactory performance.same goes with many other games.However the HD 5670 is giving me choppy gameplay,low fps etc.

I don't know what the problem is...Maybe i'm using the wrong drivers(8.96RC3)?My drivers and dxdiag says 5600series and does not identify it as 5670 ....help me get on terms with my card....I know its a good card but have no idea why its under-performing in my system whereas the 8600gt gave a kickass performance ??? :(
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  1. The HD 5670 is much faster. Uninstall the drivers, run driver sweeper in safe mode and delete everything ATI


    and try some other drivers from the video card manufacturers' or ATI site.
  2. remove the card;fit it again properly in your pcie slot;then reinstall your graphics drivers.
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