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Hey Everyone,

I am getting a few final pieces for my PC but first I need to get a case. I have decided upon the Cooler Master 690 II, but I'm not sure whether I should get the Basic or Advanced version.

Here is what the Advanced has over the Basic:
-External SATA "X-dock" (on top of case, most likely will not use)
-Internal GPU Holder (probably won't use)
-2.5 SSD Bracket (not needed ATM)
-All 4 the 5.25 drive bays are tool free (only 2 of the 4 on the basic)
-140mm top, 140mm front, and 120mm rear. (Basic has 120mm front and 120mm rear, no top included)

The difference is about $15-20 from a few places I looked. I don't want to sound cheap, but will the extra $15 really benefit me? I guess the one thing I think about is the extra top fan. Even though I could add one in myself, this would be nice to have pre-installed. I'm building with Sandy Bridge (2600K), so saving a $ or two is nice. I would just like a second opinion as I may make the purchase soon. Thanks!
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    I bought the Basic version and ended up buying a 140mm top exhaust fan.
    I do see a use for the SSD tray in the future.Wish i had one now.
    Imo it's a no- brainer to buy the Advanced version.
    A good 140mm fan will cost at least $15 after taxes.
    Plus i think SSD's will be very affordable and mainstream sooner then later.
    I think by 2012 most customs builds will have at least one SSD.
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  3. Sounds good, I'll go with the Advanced.
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