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I'm attempting to optimize my system to edit w/premiere cs5.
I have a xpx435 w/a 0x501H motherboard and an nVidia geforce GTX 260 graphics card, w/8 GB ram & win7 64 bit. I've read up on Adobe's Supported NVIDIA graphics cards for GPU acceleration for premiere cs5, and found the cards supported are the GTX 285 and GTX 470, among others. I want to add another video card to my system anyway, in order to support three monitors. Can I simply add a GTX 285 or 470 to the mix? Am I completely naive? Or does this involve a complete system tear-down? will this motherboard even support two video cards? I don't know how to locate information like this...

Thanks for your help/input in advance..
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  1. Watching a review of the mobo on youtube you only have one PCIe slot. I'd probably grab a GTX460 (or 470 if you can afford it) and use it. It will be faster for this work then the GTX260. If you had another PCIe slot you could run both for up to four monitors but you don't. You can grab a PCI or PCIe 1x video card for the other monitors if you want to.
  2. Hi thanks for your prompt reply. So I can just swap out what I have (gtx 260) for, say, the gtx 470? will this create any problems with windows 7? (i.e. do I need to re-format? I recall a friend having major headaches when swapping out his video card, but this was w/windows 2000...) btw the system is a dell xps 435, not xpx.

    and I take it the PCIe 1x card will fit w/this card? the one I found on amazon looks pretty slim, while the 470 looks behemoth..

    thanks again - happy thanksgiving to you
  3. They use the same driver, so you shouldn't have any issues. PCIe 1x cards are lower end cards, so they would be smaller then "normal" cards. Win 7 supports the ability to load multiple graphics drivers so you should be able to buy any 1x card. Some will argue that you should buy an Nvidia card to prevent "driver conflicts". I say meh.
  4. thanks again for you input. I think I'll be going w/a 470...

    I've just been looking, and there seems to be at least a dozen cards from diff manufacturers all w/the designation of GeForce GTX 470. They're all roughly the same price - should I be looking for some specifications in particular?
  5. Oh I see - I need a PCI express card. That narrows it down.. duh.
  6. All of those GTX470s should be PCIe cards. There is no real difference between them. Warranty and bundle is the biggest difference. The more expensive ones probably have better coolers. This helps as the 470 is a hot card. You might not like the noise from a stock one.
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