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should i go with a amd x4 955 and amd 6870 or intel i5 760 and gtx 470
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  1. option 2.
  2. ok because on newegg the i5 760 is olny 170 for black friday, so i should go with that? can you give me a mobo for it too. im going to use a corsair 750 and samsung f3 ans gskill ripjaws 4 gig.
  3. asus p7p55d-e pro
  4. ok thanks thats what i was looking at so here we go
    cm haf 932
    samsung f3
    evga superclocked gtx 470
    corsair 750 tx
    gskill ripjaws 4 gig
    asus p7p55
    i5 760
    cm hyper 212

    i haVE a dvd burner and will put in win 7 later, but how does this sound
  5. Get the ha x, its a big improvement from the 932.

    PSU, modular, bronze certified - $80
    I bought it this morning.
  6. ok so this will not need any extra cables or anything right? and this would be a good gaming builkd?
  7. and is the haf x really worth the extra one hundred dollars
  8. its a nice upgrade but not a necessity.
    I'd suggest the CM 690II advanced over HAF anyway, but mostly cuz I find haf ugly.

    and yes to the above question, the mobo should come with 4 sata cables.
  9. cm haf 932
    samsung f3
    hd 6870
    corsair 750 tx
    gskill ripjaws 4 gig
    asrock 870 extreme 3
    x4 955
    cm hyper 212

    ok how does this sound i think this is what ill get
  10. How does this build sound to everyone? It will be for gaming and basic stuff, and a little photoshop work, but nothing big.
  11. its good.
    look at the antec tp-750 psu, its modular. and still $80 i think.
  12. well i already ordered the corsair on black friday and it had really good reviews so. right now i have ordered everything but the cpu and the gpu. would there be a better option for maybe 100 dollars more for that. so 500 for the gpu and cpu is my budget.
  13. if you want a single GPU then no. 6870 is the way to go.
    if you'd like you can get two 6850's and CF.
    that'd be = $525 for 955be, and 2 HIS 6850's.
  14. can the asrock 870 extreme 3 do crossfire. and i was reading about the 6870 and it says it need 2 slots, will it fit with a haf 932 and that mobo. and lastly is that a decent mobo or did i make a horrible mistake?
  15. yes it runs dual 8x8x. yes it'll fit in your case, its huge.
    and the mobo is fine.
    Why would you being buying something if you didn't know if it supports CF or not :P
  16. well i didnt know if i was going to use it or not so i bought the mobo and if it did tthen great if not no big deal. also do you thing i should go for a ssd or get like another hdd or 8 gb ram. for the 500 dollar budget with the 6870 and 955.
  17. theres $85 after the cpu and gpu. So not enough for a SSD.
    I'd get 8GB of RAM out of those options. Although my first option would be to run the two 6850's.
  18. that would be better than 1 6870 and 8 gig ram
  19. for gaming, yup.
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