The variety of motherboards, and the difference?

So I decided to upgrade my CPU with a i5 2500K sandy bridge (to be able to play BF3 :P) but since my old CPU is so old, i'll have to replace alot of things, like my motherboard. Now, i've seen different kind of prices from 50 euro to 150. But initially what I look for is basically the proper LGA1155 socket, so my new cpu fits. I realise I have to get ddr3 rams aswell, so to not overcut my budget completely... What's the difference really? Will I experience poor performance if I just pick a cheap motherboard, just so my new CPU can fit. From what I understand, the i5 2500K is very powerful, and I have a gtx 560 graphics card to back it up, but i'm just afraid i'll buy a cheap motherboard, and then realize I won't be experiencing the performance I expect. (I should note i'm not the biggest pc nerd out there, so go soft on me! :)
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  1. All boards with the same chipset perform the same, except when overclocking. Then the cpu, board, and power supply need to be top notch. If you don't plan on doing serious overclocking (4.0 or higher) then you won't need a top of the line motherboard. Select one with a good warranty either from your vender or the manufacturer. I just sent in a biostar for a minor problem. They have a good turnaround time here in the usa. I avoid asus as I read too many posts about ram issues. But for some folks, asus is their only choice.
  2. I also realize overclocking can be a very powerful and drastic change in my computers performance, but if I hardly know what i'm doing, couldn't it be dangerous to overclock? (ANYTHING in my pc for that matter?)

    atleast that's my impression, things can overheat and break, so if I wouldn't fiddle around with overclocking, i'd be perfectly fine with a cheap-ass motherboard?
  3. Some of the forum regulars think you have to overclock with any "K" series cpu, but that's not true. I recommend the k series for a few dollars more in case you sell it later on. It's much more desirable for enthusiasts. Asrock, biostar, ecs, and foxconn are lower budget boards. You can save a few dollars getting one with the h61 chipset, but spend a little extra for usb 3.0 and sata 3.0. Earlier versions don't have these features. My ssd can take advantage of sata 3.0. This biostar will overclock if you want to spend the extra money:
  4. Okay, I think I figured it out, what I want, thanks for your help!

    Also, how many ram would you suggest for my overall build then?

    i5 2500K sandy bridge (with that motherboard u linked)
    and an msi gtx560 ti twinfrozr
  5. 8 gb is enough; frys has some wintec for $34.99 today with no rebate.
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