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So I want to give building a PC a shot. This is what I have thus far:

MSI 890fxa-GD70
Sapphire 5970
G Skill 3 x 4gb DDR3 2000
AMD 970

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm looking to stay under $ 2000 and get some decent Black Friday deals.
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  1. go back to the forum and go to the top stickied thing "read before posting" then go to "how to ask for help"
    copy and paste the questionnaire.
  2. Sorry, I'm working on my phone, as my PC died while I was researching this. Think its the power supply.

    Purchase date: Within a week
    Budget: Under $ 2000. Future proofing built in.
    System Usage: Gaming, surfing net with multiple windows with multiple tabs of firefox open while gaming, storage of high resolution photos
    Parts not required: Need everything. My 5 year old dell will be parted out
    Site preferred: New Egg
    Country: USA
    Parts Preferred: Best performance and quality for the price.
    Overclocking: I don't have experience doing this, so I should probably stay away for the moment
    SLI/Crossfire: I've not read that this is necessary.
    Monitor Resolution: Need a new one, so this is flexible
  3. i5 760 (on sale today) -$190

    asus p7p55d-e pro - $180

    samsung spinpoint f3 1tb - $70

    Gigabyte Super Overclocked GTX 470 x 2 = $600

    G.Skill Ripjaw 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 Cas 8 - $185

    Antec Truepower TP-750 750W - $80 (i just bought 1 of these 1 hour ago, amazing deal)

    OCZ Vertex 2 120GB - $189 after MIR

    ASUS MS246H Glossy Black 23.6"- $170 after MIR

    CM 690 II Advanced - $80

    Hyper 212+ - $15 after MIR (amazing deal)

    just pick a DVD burner/reader $20

    W7 home 64 bit oem - $85 right now

    = $1674
    add more wherever you feel necessary.
    I'd start with upping to the Haf X, or Silverstone RV02 case.

    If you want 3d gaming switch the monitor to this - $500 comes with the Nvidia 3d glasses and everything.
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