ATI HD 5770 doesnt wake up from hybernatetion mode on windows 7

I have a gigabyte ATI hd 5770 running on windows 7. When windows 7 goes into hibernation mode or stand-by mode (im not really sure what it's called, but the computer turns off but if you hit a key it will bring you back to the lock screen) but when i hit the space bar the computer comes on but nothing comes on the screen. What i have to do is open my case and press the card into the pcie slot even though it doesn't even look like it is loose or poped out(its screwed in tightly with 2 screws). This has happened at least once a week since i up graded from windows xp media center 32bit to windows 7 ultimate 64bit.


MOBO: gigabye GA ma69g s3h
CPU: AMD athlon 64 x2 4800+
RAM: 4x1GB of G.Skill ddr2 ram
HDD: WD Blue 250gb
PSU: ocz stealthxstreem 700w
GFX: Ati radeon HD 5770

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  1. I would take the card out of the slot and reseat it. Then try again. Are you messing with the card with the computer on?
  2. Quote:
    here's what you do.
    go into advanced power settings and disable hybrid sleep mode.
    that's all and nothing else.

    ^+1 I gave up on sleep issues many years ago with windows 98. First thing I turn of on windows installs, I just shut down the system when I do not need it.
  3. I have the same problem. Windows gives me the "Continue system restoration or Delete restoration data and boot." If i try to continue it just loops back around to that screen.
  4. when ever i mess with computer hard ware i unplug EVERYTHING from my computer, flip the PSU switch and then open the case and ground my self by touching the inside of the case. I did take the card out and reseat it and that worked but it was fully seated ... I will try what @malmental said

    thanks guys
  5. I can't tell you if it worked yet because I just switched cases today because the case I had was horable. But it says there's no boot device inserted when I boot up. In bios I reconizes it but it won't boot from it.
  6. I'm running I hdd. I checked the cables and bios and it reconizes it on the boot device menu but when I try to boot from it won't boot
  7. Yea from a disk. It was a windows 7ultimate disc
  8. I never felt any shock, but when a turned it on there was a weird noise. I bought it used a few mounths ago. What's the correct way to configure the hdd in bios
  9. Sorry haven't gotten back in a while. I disabled it (hybrid sleep thingy) still have the problem. Its not a big deal but it would be nice not to have to boot up every day.
  10. I get the error every time i try to get my PC out of sleep. So its not a hybernation problem. But I am sure it wouldn't wake from hibernation anyways. I will try a registry clean. Also for your last question, I dont have a screen saver my monitors just turn off after like 15 min if i dont do anything. Could be a Windows 7 problem. I dont really wan't to reinstall all my stuff again >:(
  11. Im about to give up on it, i might as well just leave my PC on 24/7 and have it folding@home when i am at school.
  12. I know right? I know this is somewhat off topic but i have this case and my 5770 is idling at 42C with two 120mm fans pushing air into its side, am i doing it wrong? The fans aren't spinning fast but they push a lot of air.
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