Help! Asrock p67 first boot no video signal

I just upgraded my pc and turned it on for the first time but i am not getting any video signal.

Psu: 650W casegears high efficiency
MB: Asrock p67 extreme 4 gen3
CPU: Intel I5 2500k
Ram: ripjaws 8gb 1600
GPU: radeon hd6970

The mb, cpu, ram, and gpu are all brand new install. I have my old hdd 7200rpm installed with windows 7 and my old files. Since this mb has no integrated graphics, i tried debugging using my old radeon hd4850 which has the drivers installed already on the hdd but my monitor is not getting any signal.

I tried using dvi, vga, and hdmi connections but none worked. My mb makes no beeps when turning on and all my fans turn on fine, including the gpu. The diagnostic led does not show any numbers. I am out of ideas help please!
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  1. I tried removing all the ram and I did not get any beeps when i turned the computer on the next time..
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