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This is being built for a long lasting home computer, video editing, graphics design with the chance of some gaming again.

CPU: Intel i7 970 - I'm getting this though work at an awesome price, don't tell me to get the 980x because I prefer it but cant.
MB: Asus Sabertooth x58
RAM: Kingston Hyperx K1 6GB 3x2gb 1600
HD: Intel X25 160GB SSD
Storage: Existing SATA drives
PS: Corsair 650TX
Case: Corsair 600T
Cooling: Corsair H50
Optical: Asus CD/DVD Multi

I'm on the fence about building this because I thought of about I was going to do $1000 max budget for this, was going to reuse my case and GPU. Then decided the GPU wasn't worth it and I've known my case doenst flow enough air so with this setup I decided I needed to upgrade. Right now its just over $1200 for this build...

Opinions on this setup? Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. i would suggest to bring up ur PSU to 750w at least. 12Gb ram is an overkill here as i too bought 12Gb ram and i have yet to see my system use more then 6-7Gb even at highest multi tasking period. wish i could have bought a second SSD instead.
  2. 750W to sli ever. 650w is fine for single gtx 470
  3. I dont plan on going SLI and I was only using 12GB because I wanted to run 4GB sticks of ram in triple memory config vs only 6GB via 3x2GB
  4. editing to reflect in ram change from 12gb to 6gb.
  5. ^good plan
  6. vindictive said:
    ^good plan

    I would be happier with 8GB but dropping from 12 to 6 saved me about $200, so I'm feeling a bit better about this entire thing now. Plus, with the release of the GTX5xx line coming soon I might hold of on the graphics card for a bit yet. Just use my current ATI x1950GT until I really need the upgrade, basically once I have time to edit all the video I have, then I'll make that jump too.
  7. ordered my case and ram tonight, Newegg came through with free shipping on both and I got a free kingston fan for the ram! Just going to wait for the sabertooth to go on sale...
  8. Hm, I too was thinking about installing 3x4gb modules, for my 3D/CS work on my Sabretooth. But I'm only going to use one highend GPU. Think I recall something about less ram being required in a single GPU setup.

    Hey, come to think of it, is there some kind of Programs' RAM consumption calculator?
  9. you only use 3x(X) if your using an lga 1336 gribs.
  10. And am using 1336, I knew that. Sorry for the poor choice of wording, but I was asking a question about the quantity of RAM in each module. Should you install more RAM total for a dual or tri SLI setup? I'm deciding on 6GB or 12GB for my build and that is why I was asking.

    Thanks for the heads up on Intel Sandy Bridge, although I think I'll hold off on laptops for a while.
  11. "In a 64-bit system with a powerful graphics card, 8 GB of RAM really is a must if you're going to play demanding games. This is the case regardless of whether you're using 32-bit or 64-bit applications. However, even more than 8 GB of RAM can be subjectively noticed while playing. There is no real need for 16 GB of RAM, though"

    and whats SB gotta do with laptops :P. or are you saying your using and would like to keep using laptops?
  12. I've got everything coming, picked up a sick deal on a EVGA GTX 460 last night, $160 after MIR shipped from newegg. Just waiting for my CPU and SSD to ship and a decent deal on the Sabertooth board.
  13. Building tomorrow
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