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Just a couple quick questions about using Intel SRT
1. Can I defragment a HDD that has been accelerated by a SSD? And would it help me any?
2. How do I install garbage collection?
3. Should a SSD be formatted before using it as a cache drive?
4. For a Crucial M4 SSD is there anything else recommended to do besides enabling TRIM and superfetch/prefetch for caching?
Thanks :)
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    1: yes and yes. Writes and deletes are to the hdd just like normal.
    2: you don't. its built into the SSD firmware and runs soley on the SSD.
    3: no. When you setup the cache you don't even have to use all the drive for cache. You can dedicate some for cache and some to be a drive (which you will then format)
    4: for SRT you need to set the sata ports of the drives into raid mode, not ahci.
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  3. Alright that's exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much :)
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