What is my bottle neck? Not much difference from 8800GT to GTX460

Ok - The question is pretty much laid out in the title.

My old 8800GT bit the dust. I replaced it with a GTX460. I'm not seeing much change (if any) in FPS. In some cases it is actually worse.

Here are my specs.

My MB = Asus M3N72-D


My PSU = Antec Neopower 550W

I've got 2 PCI-E connectors going straight from the PSU into the Vid card.

Stats from GPU-Z



I'm not sure why - it shows the card at PCI-E x8v1.1?? The MB says it can do PIC-Ex16?

More system stats from CPU Z


CPU = AMD Phenom 9600 2.3 ghz.
Ram = 4gig

OS = Vista 64

I'm running the latest beta Nvidia drivers.

The card itself is a Galaxy GeForce GTX460 GC version

Is there anything I could do with the existing system to get rid of the bottleneck or at least help it?

I did disable the HDMI audio on the card - that gave me a little FPS boost.

If I have to upgrade the system to get better prefromance from the card, what bits should I look to replace?

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  1. Your first generation phenom is the issue here! A faster CPU will let that GTX stretch its legs. Overclock on the CPU would help but it is not a good overclocker.
  2. Rolli59 is right. Get that CPU replaced ASAP.
  3. Thanks - for the quick suggestion on the CPU. :) I'd been thinking about replacing it.

    Any idea why the card is running at pcie x8 v1.1 when the board should support pcie x16 2.0??

    I'm running the latest mb bios for the board from the asus site.. M3N72-D BIOS 1507
  4. You probably have pcie 1.0 slots edit Never mind: it seems it has 2.0 slots ?
    At wikipedia it mentions 2.0 cards run at 1.1 in older motherboards.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI_Express PCIe 2.0 cards are also generally backward compatible with PCIe 1.x motherboards, using the available bandwidth of PCI Express 1.1.

    Pcie 1.0@x16 has the same bandwidth as pci 2.0@x8
  5. What FPS were you getting, and what is it now?

    What resolution are you playing at?

    If you were playing at a low resolutionand eye candy, then you might have been restricted by the cpu both before and after.
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