GTX 460 DVI to HDMI query

Hi, I'm considering upgrading to an Nvidia GTX 460 1gb and I'm wondering if there's a Realtek driver available  that enables sound to be carried over a DVI to HDMI converter? in a similar Vein to Ati's 4000 Radeon series...

I understand the mini HDMI port will suffice and the card deals with this but I don't have a 10M mini HDMI cable.

So, does the card also have the above capability or is it a specific driver from realtek.

Many thanks.
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  1. I believe that the new GTX 400 series cards no longer require an SPDIF audio cable attached to them. Therefore, the audio should be routed through the PCI-E bus via software.

    Not sure that you need anything special.
  2. Here's a link to nVidia's 64bit Win7/Vista driver that includes their HD Audio driver

    GeForce 260.63 BETA Driver64bit Win 7

    GeForce 260.63 BETA Driver 32bit Win 7
  3. Thanks :)
  4. One thing to note, if you're using the PC to watch DVD's, your DVD software may need updated for it to interface with the GTX 460 for audio. nVidia had a note about this as well.
  5. cool thanks for the heads up ^^
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