Installing Samsung 840 on a p67 asrock extreme4

Hi I just recently got a samsung 840 my first ssd and I was thinking about doing a clean install on my asrock p67 extreme4 mobo. I was wondering if I needed to change anything prior to installing the os? My previous hard drive was a mechanical one. My friend told me to update my chipset directly from intel, but when I didn't know which one to download there were too many p67 options. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just make sure that in the bios the sata ports are in ahci mode.
    When windows in reinstalled you can download samsungs Magician and run the various options; like OS Optimization.
  2. I find that in the uefi right?
  3. I find that in the uefi right? Correct
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    Set the sata mode to AHCI in the bios. Not IDE or raid.
    The reason is so that you will get the drivers that will pass on the "trim" command to the ssd. That helps performance and longevity.

    If you wish to preserve your settings, use windows easy transfer to export them to a file on your hard drive.

    A clean install of windows 7 will install the proper drivers automatically.
    Do not have any other drives initially attached, or windows will try to install a hidden recovery partition on it.
    You can reattach your old hard drive later to access all the files.
    You can import your settings from your hard drive using windows easy transfer.
    Programs will need to be reinstalled.

    You should then install the chipset drivers that came with your motherboard. In particular the lan drivers that allow you internet connectivity.
    Later on, there might be some updates available, but that is not urgent.

    My advice: Ignore ssd "tweaks" they have no visible benefit and are not worth the bother.
    You will enjoy the ssd. A windows install that used to take an hour will be done in 10 minutes. Ditto for all the maintenance updates.

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