Purchasing motherboard, processor, and graphics card for FFXIV


I sifted through various components and found these on Newegg.com.



It seems like a good combo, but I'm not sure. Also, I currently have a 5850 and could fit that in with no issues. I have an 850W corsair power supply as well. My tower is also the larger of the medium-sized towers. Will these and a gtx 460-480 series work well together and fit into a medium-sized tower? On that note, what graphic's card is worth getting without having too much unused power? I do want a graphic's card that lasts and works well with all the newer games, but it'll be for games like Tera Online and stuff.
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  1. Get this: newer and cheaper

    Why do you want more than a 5850? Isn't that more than enough for ffxiv? If you want a decent upgrade, you could go with a 5870 or 480 but the best would be a couple of 460 1gbs in sli.
  2. Maybe, I just need to change my motherboard and processor since they're a bit outdated. My 5850 is like a gtx 460 right? My processor is a quadcore 2.6 ghz, but it's not I7. It's much worse. lol
  3. Is the motherboard a good complement or should I get something else? I think that I just need a new motherboard and processor if the 5850 is actually good. It did play crysis very well.
  4. Many users reported that the X58 is a DOD so don't buy it and go for the suggested one
  5. The ATI 5850 is between the GTX 460 and GTX 470 performance wise. If you already have an ATI 5850, I see no point in upgrading unless you wanted to add a second one for Crossfire setup.

    There's really no reason an ATI 5850 shouldn't work well for any game that's current available. What resolution is your monitor?

    Edit: BTW, the i7-930 + X58 motherboard upgrade certainly can't hurt. The i7's perform much better than the older Core 2 Quad CPUs if that's what you have. However, keep in mind you'll also need to upgrade your RAM as well with the new motherboard. I'd still stick with the ATI 5850 you already have though.
  6. Well I made a decision to purchase just a motherboard and processor. I chose:


    However, I'm not sure if I have a sufficient cooling system. I just have fans in my mid-sized tower.
  7. I bought a dell xps 430. I think that it has a good set up. i'm not sure if i should buy more fans or what. What do you think? Oh yeah. I have like 4 or 6gb of ram right now. Is that enough?
  8. oh wow. i actually have 6gb of ddr3 ram on that thing. I guess that i'm fine with ram then. I just don't know about the cooling system with the xps 430.
  9. Any recommendations on the cooler from newegg? I'm not really sure what to look for. The xps 430 is a large medium-sized tower. I'm pretty sure it'll fit since I had no problems with the 5850. It's a long and thick card.
  10. Is a 120mm cpu fan too large?
  11. I'm asking because it seems that i-7 supported cpu heatsinks are 120mm. there was a cooler master 92mm, but they also speak of its size and weight. is that an issue? i don't know. it'd be awesome to get a response from someone who knows the xps 430 very well. i also have this corsair 850w psu too.
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