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  1. The Game Rundown: Finding CPU/GPU Bottlenecks, Part 2,2738-16.html
    Conclusion: A Trend Toward 3+ Cores

    The average optimal number of CPU cores suggested by the test results is 2.75, showing a clear trend towards at least three CPU cores.The question of whether the CPU or GPU is most important is easily answered. If you don't have a multi-core CPU, then upgrade it. If you have a dual-core CPU at around 3 GHz, then invest your money into a graphics card, as most games are GPU-limited. This is not something that will change with new DirectX 11 games.

    So even with a quad + crossfire capable config for better frames in games:

    Tower $583AR

    23" LCD + Win 7 Pro 64 bit $210 Free Ship

    $793AR, add bells/whistkes like

    After mkt cooler
    Another HD 6850
    as per desire/budget

    HD6K: single/CF review
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