Msi ms-7030 ver: 1 the computer stays on the post screen


I 'm trying to fix a friend's pc which has an MSI MS - 7030 ver: 1 motherboard, 2GB ram, a dvd rom and i recently changed the GPU and used a Gigabyte on AGP1 slot. It is not the first time that this problem comes out on this particular pc. The first time i changed the gpu, as i said and everything was ok. Is there a chance that the gpu is dead again??

The computer stays on the post screen when turned on, no beeps, the keyboard is not active (ps2) and the mouse too (ps2) is off, of course.

Any ideas?

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  1. I forgot to mention that i formatted the hdd a couple of months ago and now the machine is running Win7 Ent. 32bit. This machine was built to order five or six years ago and never had problems like this one. I tried to reset CMOS by changing the postition of the cmos jumper for a few seconds, but... niet! I also removed the battery (which i also changed when formatting the machine) but nothing either....please help...
  2. I upgraded to Windows 7 and have had constant problems with random hangs ever since.

    After weeks of stress I took the side panel off to see if I could smell the problem (ok, I'd tried every rational solution). Not had a hiccup since. So - the solution that worked for me is to take the side panel off the box. Put the panel on and it stops within a minute or two.

    Someone told me to upgrade my bios - that seemed a little extreme (plus I couldn't find my model MB bios on the MSI website).
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