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Hey guys, I will be going to live on my own in a rented apartment, out of my current student accommodation in the UK.
So, I will be making a homebuilt system for use starting from October of next year.

With that in mind, what would you advise me to buy now and buy later? Parts + Software.
I'm thinkging of an enthusiast-level intel model.
Also, since it will be my first time making a new comp, any advice would be much appreciated.
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. you're looking almost a year down the road. ANYTHING you buy now may be obsolete in a year, except maybe a case, and even then, why drag around an empty case for a year?
  2. Thinking ahead can be a great idea, but not THAT far ahead, not in this business, where things change so quickly.
  3. Awesome guys, thank you very much, if I were to build one for October time next year, when would it be wise to start thinking about getting parts together?

    Also, a lot of you guys seem to buy from newegg- I live in the UK, would it be wise to buy from newegg and ship it here or to just buy from sites here?
    newegg is considerably cheaper than sites here.
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