Doubt about my ddr and ddr2

hello! my system is very old... i have 2gb DDR memory and a Pentium D 2.8Ghz Windows XP SP3, i have a 800w psu lost in a box but i dont use it and i had a GF9400GT 1g ddr2 but i gave it to my cousin. Then i bought a HD 4670 1g ddr3 but it worked very bad on my system, WORST than the 9400gt wich i dont understand. I think that ddr3 graphics cards dont work on my system... am i right? well.... i ask you people what card should i buy, DDR2 memory. I`m a casual gamer and i use the pc a lot for video editing and photo and stuff like that. I have a 17" LCD and the max res is 1280x1024. Mostly i play Counter Strike 1.6 and i want 100 fps constantly and other games, doesnt matter the quality i just want to play sometimes. My budget is around 65-70€ max. please help me! thanks
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  1. The installed video ram has nothing to do with what type system ram you have. DDR3 card should work fine. HD4670 is a substantially stronger card than the 9400GT and would be the max I would recommend for your system. Are you sure that you did not have driver issues? Like not properly uninstall the nvidia drivers before putting the ATI card in.
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