PCI simple Communications Controller

my device manager is showing an exclamation mark on PCI simple Communications Contriller
and when i right click n update, then search automatically, it says that it's unable to
:( :( :(
pls help!!!
n i have the same problem with Intel (R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
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  1. What OS are you runnig?

    You need the drivers... find out what kind of motherboard you have and then check online for the NIC driver... download and install it.

    your PCI device I think would be your video card? or whatever you have in that PCI slot.... check what brand it is and go the their site and download the driver....
  2. Did you just install Windows 7?

    Go to the PC vendor's web site, download the drivers for your PC model. Chipset, Video, Audio, Network at least. Since you don't have a working network card on the PC, you'll need to download the files on another computer and move them over on a CD/DVD or a USB drive.
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