Massive Screen Tearing on Laptop

Okay, I turned on my laptop this morning and the screen is experiencing heavy tearing on all windows and the desktop. Device Manager reports that my 8600M GS is working correctly, but that's probably a load of bull.

When I connect my laptop to another monitor via VGA, both screens go black (it will not recognize either). This sounds like a video card problem, doesn't it?

Luckily I'm still under warranty. It's just a pain in the balls, since this will be the fourth or fifth time I've had to send it in for display issues (this is a new "issue" though).
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  1. This seems to have solved much of it. I can still see slight tearing (and other little graphical glitches) sometimes, but it's now manageable, and I can probably just make do or repeat this process.

    Thank you for your help!
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