Overheating issues

Wel my pc has been reportedly heating up while playin' high graphic - games...and suddenly it goes off...
Interestingly, my pc screen also shakes a lot (evrytime)..
Wat can i do..
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  1. Well first you should get a monitoring program like Everest / Coretemp / Realtemp and see wich component is overheating. You can buy an aftermarket cooler for the cpu/gpu or a new case if yours lacks airflow.
  2. Speedfan isnt that accurate, download HWmonitor, coretemp or realtemp, they are all accurate and free :)
  3. Clean all the dust out of the heatsinks of both your video card and CPU.
  4. That's what i tried... nd tried my best...
    wel, i'll send u the temp. as fast i can.
  5. Core - 47 degrees , while playin' games it reaches till 55 nd then it goes off...
    the temp. i provided u is the normal temp while i surf d net...
  6. I guess , my graphic card is creating the problem..
    its of 64 MB only..
    or should i try changing d fan....?¿?¿
    and YES... at the moment that it turns off... a foul smell of something burning comes..... nd it vanishes... evrytime
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