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Hi im looking to purchase a new power supply for my computer since im mainly using it for gaming. Which power supply should i go for thats not to pricy. I have already purchased a nvidia geforce gtx 460 and im looking for a power supply to go with it Here are my computer specs:

HP p6614f

processor: pentium(R) dual-core cpu e-5500 @ 2.80ghz 2.80ghz

windows 7 home premium

motherboard: IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3)

hard drive: 750gb

case Dimensions 6.9(w) X 15.3(h) X 16.8(d)

Hope this information helps and ty in advance
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  1. This is the cheapest you can get from a quality manufacturer CX430
    But a higher quality option same company 650TX
  2. I agree with rolli59, any power supply from Corsair or Seasonic would be guaranteed to last a very long time! That being said, I would recommend these:

    This has 430w, and it has a 5-year warranty, and it's very quiet:

    If you have the money, this is probably the very best you can get:

    Good luck! =D
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