Can i run two monitors on my ATI 4870?

So i have a ATI 4870 and it has two DVI Slots. SO i am wandering can i u use my 24 inch and my 17inch together? like my 24 inch running a movie and my 17inch just surfing the web? is that possible this the GPU i have
so can i run two monitors on it. one just surfing web another one with a movie?
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  1. Yup, just plug them both in.
  2. hmm okay i did it so is there a way i can make a movie run on two monitors. rather then one
  3. Seeing as they are different sizes I dont' see why you'd want to do that. Put a movie on in windowed mode. Stretch it over to the other screen so its playing on both. You really want it looking like that?
  4. hmm okay yeah it isnt worth it and whatelse can i do with multiple monitors?
  5. What your doing right now? Doing something on one screen while you do something else on another. I had my TV hooked up to my computer. Allowed me to surf the web on my monitor, while the wife watched something on the TV. You would need three screens (same size) and a 5 series AMD card if you want to do multi screen gaming.
  6. Watch 2 movies at the same time?

    On multi-screen gaming, the 4870 should do it fine with 2 screens, just the same with the movie, you wouldn't want 2 different ones.
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