Coolermaster elite 310 gpu size limit

I am planning to upgrade my old trusty 8600gt for a gtx560 ti, but i've heard it would not fit my coolermaster elite 310, the evga site mentions its size as 9" or 228.6mm, and in some places (web) there is mentions that the case limit is 8.7" 220mm, as they mention a spec sheet that i did not see with the case.

If there is anyone that can confirm if it would actually fit or not please do, as I have no way of actualy testing without buying it first (and I would rather not buy without being sure)

here is my spec:

Case: Coolermaster elite 310
CPU: Core 2 Quad q9550 2.83ghz
Mem: 4gb OCZ ddr3 1333
ECS 8600gt 512mb ddr3 (passive cooled)
3RSystem ICEAGE IA6500HP80 650w (with active PFC)
3x sata HD
2x dvd-rw

I would really apreciate an answer as i dont know for how long the gpu will be in stock (less than 2 weeks probably)
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  1. The best thing you can do is measure the space from the hard drive cages to the back of the case. Don't forget to account for the power plug if it is in the back of the card.
  2. No, I really don't think so. As the EVGA 560Ti card is already 9in, the card only, plus the pcie 2x 6-pin connection that you have to connect on the one end of the GPU, it will all even add up to @ least 10in+.
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    And yes the spec sheet of the case, you can download the manual.
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