Linksys WRT54gs - can't access IP address

I have a WRT54gs wireless router setup on a DSL connection. Last week the modem died and was replaced (there was a thunderstorm which may have been the cause, though both modem and router are on a surge strip), now I can't get the router to function. I reset it and tried to get into the setup page ( but it can't connect. I tried ipconfig to make sure ip is correct, and after resetting the router it is now on the correct ip address (per ipconfig/all), but I still can't get into it. The router is broadcasting wireless (it doesn't actually work of course).
Did this thing just get fried or is there something I'm missing?
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  1. I think a thunderstorm could have done it. If you can't even access the router's user setup screens via an ethernet cable.
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