AMD Athlon X2 250

Just recently bought a new CPU (which is 100% supported by my Motherboard) but been having the issue of when I replaced it the machine would power up (fans spinning, hard-drive going etc..) but no VGA output onto my monitor, even when waiting for a few minutes nothing and as soon as I put my old CPU back in bash 5 seconds and I am getting a VGA output onto my monitor.

I am wondering what you think the cause of this may be?

I have taken it back to the shop now twice and complained but he has just said "Tested it, worked fine" but wouldn't allow me to see it being tested (gets me suspicious really) & also I have tested this in 2 machines with the same result.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Checked all the cables and also tested it in another known working machine with the exact same CPU type.
  2. Shop I bought it from tested my system & the shop I went to for a second opinion only tested the CPU. If it isn't a CPU fault why does the computer work fine as soon as I replace it with my old AM2 processor (Yes, my motherboard does 100% support this current processor).
  3. No I have an AM2+ board which supports the AMD Athlon 2 X2 250.
  4. Yes my AMD Athlon X2 64 4200+ works fine (AM2) but as soon as the AMD Athlon X2 250 (AM2+) goes in it doesn't post.
  5. It is an ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe running the latests revision of BIOS (1702) when 1501 is required for my processor.
  6. It powers on just the monitor doesn't display anything at all, for example if you had no signal going through the VGA cable but its works fine with my old proc .. i'm thinking a duff CPU?
  7. Check the 4 pin power cables which is plugged into board close to motherboard output connectors..
  8. If the X2 250 works fine in another computer I am really not sure what the problem could be. Try swapping the memory as sometimes memory can be a bit finicky at times.
    You could also to reflashing the bios to a slightly older version and see what happens as sometimes the latest bios updates are betas.
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