Why does my computer register a USB storage device but it doesnt show up on the


Got problem with my USB . When i plugin in the usb the computer register but
it doesent show up in drive ? any solution s. and i need to retrieve my data too

plz help
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  1. Doesn't show in "My Computer" or "Disk Management"?
    How does it show in "Disk Management"?
    You perhaps need to change a new letter to this drive in "Disk Management":
    If unfortunately, that ways doesn't make a sense, I know there is a free USB drive recovery tool that generally can restore the inaccessible data from a drive and a memory card You could try it here: http://www.freeware-fix.blogspot.com/2013/02/usb-drive-not-recognized.html
    From now on, you should remember to keep your data backed up all the time.
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