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I've decided to build my first computer to replace my ailing dual core. I'm working on as much future proofing as I can afford, and have started working loosely on the spec of a Cyberpower Black Pearl. No real idea if this is a good idea but it has some very good reviews.

Spec chosen so far.

HAF-X full tower with USB compatibility
Asus P6X58D-E Intel X58 socket 1366, pci-e 2.0 (x16) - ddr3 2000 3 way sli motherboard
Intel i7-950 (can't afford 980) 3.06Ghz 8mb cache socket 1366
6gb (3x2gb) Corsair xms3 ddr3 pc3-12000 1600Mhz unbuffered
Western Digital Caviar 1tb 7200 HDD
Windows 7 home premium

The above is sorted, just hope I've not made a balls up, (comments appreciated non the less). I am using existing Nvidia graphics card but looking to upgrade to Nvidia GeForce 580 around Christmas for which my existing 500w pus will not suffice. So...

I have my eye on a Corsair HX(UK) 1000w ATX EPS12v modular psu.

Is this my best choice taking into consideration I do not want to buy another psu when I add/replace any components?

P.s. Using existing optical drives also but will want to upgrade to bluray at some point and run 4 internal HDD and 2 externals. (I have a huge amount of personal and business date to store and backup)

Comments and help will be appreciated.
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  1. a 1000watt power supply will only be useful if you intend to sli and overclock a 700 - 750 watt power supply will be plenty enough if you only ant 2 run a single graphics card. i dont see why anyone not using multi moniters would need 2 580's.
  2. Cheers for that , is helpful.

    I do intend to sli at some point but at the moment do not intend to over clock, if only because I know zilch about over clocking. My thoughts are, is it better to spend a bit more now and have power in reserve or maybe have to spend a lot more later to upgrade.
  3. Try a PSU calculator to see if what is the system's demands in power. I would add up at least 100 watts to the calc's result just to be sure that I will have enough power for any future upgrades. Also buy a PSU from a decent company. Corsair is the best choice but also expensive. If money is not a concern then go for the corsair.
  4. Thanks Socratesx, never knew there were psu calculators, total newbie to building, always just shelled out the cash to shops.

    According to one that came top on google list I need 623, so on your advice a 750 or 800 should be plenty. And yes, from my research I'd pretty much settled on it being a Corsair modular psu.
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