Unable to find latest BIOS for motherboard

I just upgraded my CPU from a C2D E6750 to a Q8400. When I booted my PC the multiplier was at x6 instead of x8 and it was underclocked to 2GHz instead of 2.6. I looked at AIDA64 and my BIOS version is P30 from 2007.

I've contacted XFX support but they refuse to help me unless I dig out my entire PC and find the serial # on the bottom of my motherboard. Google returns absolutely nothing and I'm at my wits end. How is it this hard just to find the latest measly BIOS?

My specs are:

XFX 680i SLI
4Gb DDR2
Nvidia GTX460.

Any help is really appreciated.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Why don't you simply create (register) an account at XFX and download BIOS P33 yourself -> http://xfxforce.com/en-us/Help/Support.aspx

    If the Serial Number is required then Choice 1 - Look at the Box, Choice 2 - read it off the MOBO.

    Yeah, XFX Policy sucks *#$%!
  2. I'm registered at the XFX site and submitted a ticket but they REFUSE to help me unless I give them the serial #. Which is on the bottom of my motherboard. In my PC. With all the stuff plugged into it.

    I built the PC in late 07 and have no idea if I even have the box anymore or where to look for it at this point.

    When I look at the downloads for my motherboard:


    There is absolutely no BIOS downloads at all. If I google 'n680i SLI BIOS' google brings back nothing but posts about EVGA motherboards.

    Am I going to have to use that one? Is there an awful risk of it dying if I don't use an XFX branded BIOS? (is there even one?)
  3. 'Some' MOBO's will display the Serial Number in the BIOS.

    I 'think' XFX uses AMI BIOS, here's a tool that 'might' determine the S/N -> http://www.ami.com/support/mbid.cfm also see -> http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/34

    Never had to do this, so I'm not sure it will work. Otherwise bite the bullet and start digging...
  4. The program in the first link doesn't run but i'll check out the second link :)

    I did a little googling and it might be down to the fact that the 680i chipset is too old for the 45nm yorkfield cores.

    I might have to buy a new motherboard in that case...
  5. Since I have no access to XFX to 'see' what CPU's are and are not supported - I don't know either way. XFX produces great ATI/AMD GPU's but quit producing MOBO's.

    IMO - their site is WAY too restrictive - I don't understand it. It makes it IMPOSSIBLE for folks like me to HELP PEOPLE with their products. :pfff: Dumb business practices = Out of Business quickly.
  6. Yeah it's looking like my motherboard is too old to support the Yorkfield architecture at this point. (google for 'Q8400 680i SLI)

    I am still using DDR2 ram so my mobo options are a bit limited.

    Would this be a decent motherboard upgrade? I've checked the compatibility and it supports the Q8400 CPU. The only thing I'm worried about is that it'll be too small for all of my stuff.

  7. Chalk this one up to not doing my research properly and being too excited for BF3..doh!
  8. I'm not a fan of mATX MOBO's - http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=G31M-GS%20R2.0 but on your site that's all that are listed.

    However, a mATX with a single GPU is not a problem.
  9. I've been sceptical of mATX boards in the past but looking at the features it doesn't look to be lacking in connectors.

    Supports the Q8400, DDR2, has enough connectors for my HDDS. Only 1 GPU and a sound card so it'll all fit nicely.
  10. Bam! Just ordered it from Amazon. I paid a little more to make sure it gets here by Thursday so hopefully I'll be able to utilize the whole thing and overclock it to get a little more juice :)
  11. Hello.. you might want to look at Gigabyte P35 or P45 boards... great on sight BIOS upgrades and support... and Also you can put a QUAD core into very easily... great on board sound... etc...etc...etc...
  12. I already have the quad core and a sound card, plus the order is already done. Thanks though! :)
  13. Most of the 'current' aka production P45/P35 MOBO's are going to use 'DDR3' RAM.
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