What headset and sound card would you recommend?

I was going to get the sennheiser 360s but then I saw that it was open ear so it doesnt block the outside sound and there is alot were I am.

Now I think im going to get the sennheiser 350s so I just hear my game/music.

What sound card would you guys recommend for me to get I know its going to pretty much cost the same as the headset which is $180.

Also what would be the next best closed ear headset.
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  1. I've heard good things about the newer Asus Xonar cards too. You could always get the Xense bundle which includes the Xonar Xense sound card and a "special" Sennheiser PC350 headset.

    Personally however, I'd recommend the Auzentech Forte combined with closed Audio Technica headphones, like the A700, paired with a cheap desktop or clip-on microphone.
  2. I think Im going to buy the

    And the 350s

    If someone could tell me a better sound card for gaming around $200 please tell
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    The Forte is probably just as good at music and movies and much cheaper.
    Gaming will be superior since the Forte is hardware based as opposed to software.
    The headset choice is hard to fault.
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