HD 5770 texture rendering issue?

I just upgraded my HD 5450 to a HD 5770 and it has been great in every game that i have tested it in so far (Modern Warfare 2, Bad Company 2, Left 4 Dead, and others all on max settings). So after testing these games I went to play a lower end graphics game that is one of my personal favorites, Operation 7. The graphics are definitley no where near that of the games that I named but it is playable to me because of the gameplay. So after getting in-game, everythings fine, until I shot my gun. Where there should have been gunsmoke, there were white boxes that appeared. My best guess is that effects that have transparent textures are not being properly rendered, such as gun smoke, hit sparks, muzzle flash, surface lighting etc. I tried lowering and raising the settings, ended up on the lowest that you can go, and still no change. The HD 5450 had no problems with this, so why would the HD 5770? Ive reinstalled the drivers, made sure that Ive had the latest, even tried just installing the older ones, but none of them work. Ive heard that the 5770 has issues with 2D programs, which the transparent textures seem to be 2D, would that be the problem? How do I fix this?


HP Pavilion Elite
AMD Phenom II Quad Core 3.0
8GB DDR3 Ram
XFX HD 5770-1GB DDR5 (was an HD 5450-512GB DDR3)
Corsair 750w PSU (was a 300w, not sure of the brand)
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  1. I forgot to mention that I am going to try to reinstall the game and reinstall directx. I really dont think that reinstalling the game will have any effect, just for the fact that there has been nothing thats changed from that end, but you never know.
  2. neither one worked. I was wondering if directx 11 is the cause of this. Prior to the installation of my 5770, I only had Directx 9 or 10, I wonder if that would be the cause of it or not. Is there a way to downgrade Directx?
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