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I'm looking to upgrade to 16GB RAM for my pc. Any suggestions?

Here is what I'm currently running:
Power Supply 550 Watt

Intel® P55 chipset based mATX Motherboard with DDR3, PCI Express

Intel® Core™ i7 processor i7-860, quad 2.8GHz cores, Hyperclocked to 3.2GHz

Intel® Certified Heatsink/Fan, Thermal Controlled Variable Speed Fan

DDR3 Memory 8GB DDR3-1333 Dual Channel Memory
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  1. Upgrade with a matching set to what you already have. For what purpose is this upgrade?
  2. I'm going to purchase a new set of 4 x 4gb as I only have 4 slots available.

    Looking to get better performance with After Effects and 3ds Max.

    Also, sorry wouldn't let me put the post the memory category for some reason.
  3. Which MB do you have?

    How many DIMMS?
  4. Since you are going with a full new set then I suggest 1600MHz over 1333 for eventual overclock potential. Couple of options
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    Help Upgrading to 16 GB RAM
  6. Mobo: Intel Whitesburg DP55WB

    RAM Slots: 4 DDR3 DIMM

    Thanks for the help gents!
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