Driver won't recognize ethernet cable

I've got a newly built system with a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R motherboard, and it works fine offline. I've got an ethernet cable that I know works plugged into a router that I know works, and the computer isn't detecting it. I've got everything off of the disc that came with the motherboard, and the program designed to manage ethernet says nothing is wrong. The little green light is not on.

I've gone into the BIOS and told the ethernet to work on startup, which makes my green light light up. However, when I start up Windows, the green light goes back away and the program says nothing is wrong.

In the BIOS, there's an option called Smart LAN, and when I go to it, it tells me I have a 100 MBP/s connection, but then says my cable is less than 10m long and scans again.

I'm getting really frustrated and overwhelmed and would appreciate it if you guys could help me out here.
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  1. Clear CMOS and restore default values. Make no other changes. Save.

    Uninstall the nic driver.

    Download and install the nic driver for your mobo from Giga's site.

    If that doesn't fix the problem, use a different internet cable. Yes, I know you said it was "known working".
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