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Hello, wise ones.
For an upgrade(?) to my son's desktop PC primarily used for gaming (WOW, etc) I got him an OCZ Agility3 120GB SSD.
Now I need a recommendation for the best SSD free SW to clone the HD to the SSD, assuming it's possible.
If not, then the drive goes in my laptop and I'll just re-install and start clean.
Thanks for any help, Paul.
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  1. It is possible to clone a HDD to an SSD, but most (including me) would recommend a clean installation.

    You can give cloning a try though, and EaseUS Todo Free Version is still around I think, although they are converting to a newer version called EaseUS Todo Home that costs $$.
  2. OCZ either includes it on a disk, or you can download it from there site. And check the firmware, before you clone the disk. They are frequently updated.
  3. Cloning will be an issue if the old hard drive is larger than the new 120gb ssd.
    If the sata mode on the pc is not AHCI, or if the hard drive does not start on a 4k boundary,, then you might want to do a clean install anyway.

    Intel and Samsung offer free cloning utilities that only works with their own drives. The Samsung utility has been hard to find. The Intel utility works well.

    They are modified versions of Acronis true image which is a worthwhile product to buy regardless.

    As to others, I have no experience.
  4. You can try Clonezilla.
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