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I think my mobo is out. Before my party my computer was working fine, then the next day I try turning it on and there is no POST beep and monitor is blank/black. I have to lay my tower on the side because it crash when I put it upright and been doing this for a while now and haven't got time to fix it yet. I found sticky lemonade on the side and Im pretty sure some spilt on my mobo. Is there any other way to check if it is the mobo that is out?

If it is the mobo then what new mobo should I get? It will be for daily use and gaming (BF3). I will barley OC it if anything. I have an i7-920, 6gb DDR3 Corsair Dominator, and Sapphire 5870. I might crossfire in the near future but not necessary. As of now, Im learning more towards the Asus Sabertooth. Seems to have good reviews and not too expensive.
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  1. Great board
    Why don't you clean and reassemble your computer before buying the new board? Could be something else, like a loose connection!
  2. if it works lying on its side but not upright it could be that your cpu heatsink has come a little loose
  3. Yes I will try that.
    I did that BEFORE but now it doesn't work at all.
    I guess I will try to clean it and see if that helps
  4. Okay well I reassemble my computer and still nothing. Tested with each RAM separately too. Still nothing. Turns on but no POST beep and screen is still blank. Any idea?
  5. we have an idea of how important the motherboard is. We can go onto how to choose the right one. We are mentioning more a replacement for the Alienware motherboard for two main reasons, cost and time, we touched on fault finding of a motherboard.
  6. HEllo , a Quick qn . will this ram , [...] 9&sr=1-30.

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  7. what?
  8. Gulam77 said:
    HEllo , a Quick qn . will this ram , [...] 9&sr=1-30.

    work with [...] 123&sr=8-9

    those links dont work

    if its your basket then we cant see it
  9. This still doesnt answer my question?
  10. Looks like your board is dead after all from the lemonade.
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