BSoD and program crashes due - memory failures

Whenever I run graphics intensive programs, the program either crashes or i get a bluescreen.

I tried changing the video card, but that didn't help.
Everything is at stock speed and nothing is overheating.
I have updated all of my drivers.
The windows memory diagnostic shows no errors.
Memtest86 shows errors in every slot, using 4 different sticks of RAM; one at a time and paired.

PC Specs:
Mobo: ASUS P8P67 LE
CPU: i5-2500K
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6850
PSU: Raidmax RX-630SS (630W, modular)
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
RAM: G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL (DDR3-1600)

It's pretty clear that the RAM is not bad (all 4 sticks?). Since every socket shows errors, i don't know whats left to check. This problem has been going on too long, and any suggestions would be great.
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  1. I tried using single sticks in each of the sockets, as well as the combinations you suggested and the errors persisted. Do you think it could be caused by a faulty PSU? That is interesting because my original was DOA. I forgot to mention that this computer is only a few months old.
  2. I'm not all that clear on what you're saying. Either it could be a problem with the PSU in which case testing with another would solve my problems or it isn't in which case 16 hours of memory diagnostics seems rather redundant. I'll try to get my hands on another PSU but in the meantime does anyone else have any suggestions?
  3. I tried using a different PSU. Still getting the shutdowns and BSoD's.
  4. Why do you NOT believe the RAM is bad if it tests bad?

    Is the RAM approved for your specific model CPU? Asus mobos are very RAM sensitive. You may need to use different RAM in that model mobo. You should e-mail G.skill Tech Support with all your info. and Memtest86+ error info.
  5. I guess I forgot to mention this. I originally had a set of corsair 4GB (2 sticks). I tested both of these individually and found that they didn't work in any slot. I then purchased the G. Skill 8GB (2 sticks). I tested each stick individually in all the sockets, still with the same problems.

    From this data, I have concluded that it is extremely unlikely that all 4 sticks of RAM are bad. Before you throw out the bad slot thing, I'd like to remind you that I tested each of the DIMM's in every socket.

    ***Both sets of RAM are listed in the mobo manual as being compatible.

    I have already cleared the cmos.

    I'm a little hesitant about updating the bios, cause i know screwing that up can have some very bad results.

    I'm starting to wonder if the slot for the video card is bad. Might explain why when i put in a less powerful video card, the problems occur less frequently.
  6. I did update the bios, and after running memtest for 4 hours (with the new PSU) I have had no errors. I hope this means the problem is fixed, I didn't really want to re-install the OS. **Fingers Crossed**
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