Help with finalizing my build

Case - 79.99

Video Card - 269.99

PSU - 94.99

RAM - 54.99

Motherboard - 159.99

CPU - 174.99

OS - 84.99

The total after rebates is 885.56 with shipping.

My questions and concerns.

Is everything compatible? I want to run world of warcraft, starcraft 2, and possibly diablo 3. On max settings when they come out while stile being able to alt tab to listen to music, be on skype and browse the internet. Can I do that on this set up?

If you would like to make a change to this, please just note why you would be changing it.

Thank you for your time, happy holidays everyone.
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  1. *Note*

    I have a keyboard, mouse and a 22" monitor. I hope to run on a large resolution as well.


    I also have a harddrive but wouldn't mind a link to a decent one, if it would help improve gaming performance. If it isn't money well spent then I'll just use my current one.

    As well as cd rom.
  2. ^ Are you planning to run more than 1 graphic card ?
    Check this build with some good alternatives...
    i5 760 + ASUS P55


    CASE - Check these - These can accommodate even longer cards without any clearance issues

    Check this PSU - A good one for the money
    OCZ Stealth II 600W

    Video card - A very good deal on the HD 5870 - This is much powerful than the 470 and can easily max out those games you intend to play @1080p resolution...
    $35 coupon code: VGA112235 (Expires soon)

    HDD - No HDDs would help gaming performance, but faster HDDs might affect the load times though...Check out the SSDs...
  3. Approximate Purchase Date: This week

    Budget Range: 800-1100

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming with skype/ventrilo, browsing the web, and internet, at the same time.

    Parts Not Required: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers,headset.. Possibly a hard drive.

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg

    Country of Origin: U.S.

    Parts Preferences: Intel.

    Overclocking: Maybe in the future if I need to.

    SLI or Crossfire: Maybe in the future if I need to.

    Monitor Resolution: I believe it's 1920 by 1200. Not sure but I want to run this in the very very near future, even if I need a bigger monitor.

    Additional Comments: I want to play starcraft 2 on ultra settings while multitasking. I would like to possibly put in 2 gtx 470's in the future. I am just confused on the current motherboard if I can run 2 video cards on max settings, it says 2 pci x 16 (1 at x16, the other at x4)
  4. Could someone explain what SSD's do and suggest a decent one to help gaming? Or loading? Just not sure what they do.
  5. ^ SSDs help in reducing level load times, but dont have any effect on in-game performance...
    With the SSDs, there are no moving parts, hence no or negligible lag so data access is kinda instant, so the apps would load snappier...
  6. Still looking for help guys
  7. Changing the mobo to

    Still need help please guys.

    I just want this for starcraft 2, diablo 3, and wow while being able to alt tab and run skype/vent and surf the web/music.

    Mostly looking for compatibility.

    Thank you all, happy holidays.
  8. Ordering tomorrow if I can confirm these would work...
  9. Anyone?

    It's unusual to have no one helping me over a 30 hour period <,<
  10. ^ That is a decent board if you want SLI and Crossfire, but no USB3.0/ SATA 6GB/s...
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