New Asus motherboard stopping my hard drive from spinning up

I recently upgraded my motherboard from an old AM2+ to a Asus M5A99X EVO AMD 990X AM3+ but I've been having an odd issue with the Hard Drive not spinning up when I try to boot.

I assumed this was a motherboard issue so I RMA'd the board and received a new one, but the same issue remains. All the cabling is correctly installed and the drive works correctly when installed in my other system.

If I remove and reconnect the power cable from the hard disk just after powering on the system it spins up correctly and my system works perfectly until I need to completely shut down and try to power it up again. It even restarts correctly.

It seems that somehow my motherboard is preventing my Hard Drive from spinning up.

Some Details,

- I've searched the forums and I can't find anyone with the same issue but this was close,
-I'm using a clean install of windows 7 64
- The drive is a Samsung F3 500GB

Please help!
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  1. Well no-one could help but I solved it myself.

    It was an issue with one of the Sata Cables, for some reason it was stopping the disk from spinning on the new motherboard. The same cable worked on the old board and in my other computer but not this one. Very strange indeed.
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